Dust-Free Pioneers: Net Abrasives

Our net abrasives not only make your life easier with less clean-up, but also provide a healthier environment by significantly reducing your exposure to small particles that can become airborne while sanding and inhaled deep into your lungs.

Abranet is highly resistant to dust pilling and clogging, ensuring optimal usage for every abrasive. Each grit delivers excellent results, from the original Abranet to its many variations. The abrasives are best combined with Mirka’s efficient and ergonomic power tools and dust extractors.

A world leader in surface finishing technologies and dust free solutions, Mirka offers a full line of net abrasives. 

Twenty years ago, Mirka first introduced Abranet, an abrasive that features a net structure instead of a conventional paper backing. This results in extremely efficient on-tool dust removal that improves both the work quality and the working environment

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