6″ DEROS Trolley Dust-Free Systems

Mirka has taken industrial performance, and made it portable with the Mirka Dust Extractor Trolley. Dedicated shelving for your dust extractor and abrasives, along with raised tool hooks to store the Mirka® DEROS sander, allows you to keep all of the necessary tools within arms reach.

This portable, dust-free sanding system offered by Mirka Abrasives has shown to reduce airborne dust from sanding operations by over 99%. The solution is the result of combining a strong, yet quiet dust extractor with patented Abranet® mesh abrasives.

Efficient sanding is accomplished with Mirka® DEROS (Direct Electric Random Orbital Sander), to provide a sanding solution with the power of a pneumatic tool but the convenience of electric. An auto-start feature on the dust-extractor ensures that it only runs when the sander is in use, further reducing job site noise levels.

DescriptionPart NumberQuantity
Dust Extractor Trolley91903101111
Dust ExtractorDE-1230-PC1
Dust Extraction HoseMVHA-51
Mirka® DEROS 6" Sander (5mm orbit)MID65020US1
Interface Pad 6" Multi-hole/5 pack9166-51
Abranet® Mesh Grip Disc/150 Grit9A-241-15050
Abranet® Mesh Grip Disc/180 Girt9A-241-18050
Abranet® Mesh Grip Disc/240 Grit9A-241-24050
Abranet® Mesh Grip Disc/400 Grit9A-241-40050
Gold 15-Hole Grip Disc/600 Grit23-611-60050
Gold 15-Hole Grip Disc/800 Grit23-611-80050