Marine Smart Cart Systems – 6”

The Mirka Smart Cart is the perfect solution to keep all your abrasives, tools, and dust extraction at one place in an integrated, dust-free sanding system.

But there‘s more required than just bringing materials closer to the work. It‘s equally or more important to be organized. The Smart Cart provides a movable platform for the DE-1230-PC dust extractor with integrated storage hooks for vacuum hoses. The system incorporates a locking cabinet for inventory control and a large, 17-3/4“ x 27“ work surface that is recessed 2“ to hold items in place.

Additional storage is available in the two 15-3/4“ x 12“ x 2-3/4“ drawers. These glide freely on roller bearing slides, and have recessed handles to prevent catching on cords or clothing.

DescriptionPart NumberQuantity
Smart CartMAI-CART-9121
Dust ExtractorDE-1230-PC1
Gold P600 6" Grip Multi-Hole23-611-60050
Gold P800 6" Grip Multi-Hole23-611-80050
Abranet® P150 - Discs9A-241-15050
Abranet® P180 - Discs9A-241-18050
Abranet® P240 - Discs9A-241-24050
Abranet® P400 - Discs9A-241-40050
Interface Pad9166-51
Mirka® PROS 6" Vac-Ready Sander (5mm orbit)MRP-650CV1
Dust Extraction Hose - Coaxial (air/vac) (5m)MV-412HA1
Pneumatic Control BoxDE-1200PB1