Mirka’s Paint Prep Systems
Expand on our mobile body repair solution by incorporating the abrasives and tools needed for primer application and topcoat prep and blend with electric sanders. Shops can choose either Autonet® or OSP (Optimized Surface Preparation) net abrasives to achieve dust-free sanding and superior performance.

Why Autonet®?

  • Available in standard grits from P80 through P800
  • Individual grit sequences can be chosen for customized SOPs
  • Autonet® provides unequaled dust extraction compared to conventional abrasives
  • Combine NET abrasives with Mirka’s sanding tools, dust extractor and solution cart for a complete dust-free sanding system

The Mirka® Trolley was specifically designed for small or tight spaces and is the perfect solution for keeping all your abrasives, tools, and dust extractor in one place as an integrated, dust-free sanding system.

  • Larger back wheels keep the trolley stable
  • Bottom shelf for the DE-1230-PC dust extractor
  • Upper shelf for abrasives, polishes and other components
  • Several hooks for tools keep you organized
  • Larger height adjustable hook
  • Dedicated vacuum hose hook
  • Velcro strip for hand blocks
  • Swivel locks on wheels
DescriptionPart NumberQuantity
6" DEROS Vacuum Ready Finishing Sander (5mm orbit)MID65020US1
6" Grip Faced (Firm) Interface Pad1066F1
2-3/4" x 8" DEOS Vacuum-Ready Orbital Sander (3mm orbit)MID3830201US1
2-3/4" x 5" Grip Faced Multi-Hole Vacuum BlockMVHB351
2-3/4" x 7-1/2" Grip Faced Multi-Hole Vacuum Block Contour KitMVHB38-K1
2-3/4" x 16-1/2" Rigid Grip Faced Multi-Hole Vacuum Block9116R1
Trolley Cart91903101111
Dust Extractor DE-1230-PC1
13' Coaxial Electric Supply/Vacuum HoseMVHA-51
3/4" x 12' Vacuum Hose for Vacuum Hand Blocks91100-A1
Dual Operator Vacuum FittingMV-DOF-V1
1-1/4" x 18" Adapter for Coaxial Air or Electric Vacuum HoseMV-412HA-ADAP1
6" Autonet® Net Grip Disc P320AE241050321
2-3/4" x 33' Autonet® Net Grip Roll P80AE-570-3201
6" Q.Silver® Micro 15-Hole Grip Disc P10002C-611-10001
6" Gold Soft 15-Hole Foam-Backed Grip Disc P50023-645-5001
6" Gold Soft 15-Hole Foam-Backed Grip Disc P80023-645-8001
4-1/2" x 5" Goldflex-Soft Foam-Backed Abrasive Pad P80023-145-8001
Dry Guide Coat - Black91935001111