MID650 Pnuematic Combo

Mirka dust-free kits

Mirka® PROS,The Pneumatic Random Orbital Sander is packed with clever features and attention to detail which has created an efficient and effective sanding tool that is perfect for professional operators. specially developed to produce maximum dust extraction, even at low suction power, thanks to a wider dust suction outlet in the machine housing which substantially improves dust suction efficiency.


Combine the Mirka® PROS with the Mirka dust extractor and hose to obtain better control over the job, provide a cleaner work environment and achieve a higher quality finish.

MRP-650CV6" Vacuum-Ready Finishing Sander (5mm orbit) w/ Case 1
MV412-HA15' Coaxial Air Supply / Vacuum Hose1
DE-1230-PC30 Liter Portable Dust Extractor 1
DE-1200PBPneumatic Control Box for Auto on/off 1