PROS 550 Combo 33' hose

Mirka dust-free kits

Mirka® DEROS is the smallest and most ergonomic electric sander on the market, equipped with a brushless motor, that maintains constant speed even under heavy load. With the lowest vibration values in its class and the unique symmetrical design guarantees that the tool can be used for long periods without fatigue.


Combine the Mirka® DEROSwith the Mirka dust extractor and hose to obtain better control over the job, provide a cleaner work environment and achieve a higher quality finish.

MID65020CAUS6" DEROS Vacuum-Ready Random Electric Orbital Sander (5mm orbit) w/ Case 1
MVHA-3310m (33') Coaxial Electric Supply/Vacuum Hose 1
DE-1230-PC30 Liter Portable Dust Extractor 1